Memory Foam Versus Feather Pillows

work-man-sleeping-v2.jpgWe all look forward to a good nights sleep after a hard days work. Your bedroom is your sanctuary away from the stress and worries of the world. The time you spend sleeping and relaxing on your bed with your own clean sheets and comfy pillow are some of the most precious hours of your day.

Although you may be able to get away with sleeping at your work desk, picking a proper pillow will help you get sleep when you want. Your pillow plays an essential role in providing a deeply satisfying, restful, comfortable sleep. This article serves to show the benefits of memory foam pillows over the alternatives.



Different Pillows Materials

Down / Feather – These are the traditional style pillows that you grew up sleeping on. They are normally stuffed with either duck feather or goose down. They are soft to sleep on, but do not always provide much support, especially for back and neck pain sufferers.

Memory Foam – The pillows provide the most support over down / feather pillows and mold to the body’s shape while sleeping. They are made from visco-elastic foam and still provide soft comfort.

Pillow Type Down / Feather Memory Foam
Pros 1. Soft comfortable feel
2. Best temperature regulation
1. Best support of neck and back
2. Reduces snoring through better neck positioning
3. Hypoallergenic
Cons 1. Less back and neck support
2. Breeding ground for mites and pests

In conclusion, for the softest feel and best temperature regulation the best option is the tried and true down and feather pillow. They are susceptible to dust mites and bacteria and must been cleaned and/or replaced regularly. 

However, a better alternative to support the back and neck is the memory foam pillow. Furthermore, an aligned back and neck improves breathing while sleeping and reduces snoring. Lastly, made from visco-elastic foam, they are completely hypoallergenic and free of dust mites and bacteria. Many people have switched and find the benefits compelling.

The Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam was the brainchild of NASA. This material was first used by astronauts to help reduce the G-force they sustain during liftoff. Made of visco-elastic foam, the memory foam pillow softens as as it comes into contact with body heat.

Because of the pillow’s amazing material, it was first used to aid in the medical industry for rehabilitation purposes. However, it was very expensive. Because of improvements in manufacturing, memory foam is now considerably more affordable for the average consumer.

Many people twist and turn in bed unable to achieve the most restful, relaxing sleeping position. Using traditional feather pillows many wake up with a tired, painful neck. The solution is a pillow that allows your body to sleep in its natural position.

Memory foam pillows conform to the body’s shape upon contact. As your head rests on the pillow it takes the shape and curve of your head all the way down to your neck and spine allowing a perfectly aligned resting position throughout sleep. Try one tonight and sleep better!